Version 1.8

  • This update is all about notifications. You can now choose between the usual offset, when a notification should be triggered or you can bundle all notifications for one day to a specific time. Additionally you can now exclude specific shows from notifications.
  • Adds support for dynamic type. This means that the font size in the app corresponds to the size you choose in the iOS settings.
  • Adds option to hide watched episodes from the calendar. This only affects episodes from the past. The new option can be found in the Preferences -> Calendar -> Include Watched Episodes.
  • Updates Hides Spoilers. When enabled, overview texts for episodes are now hidden by default until the episode is marked as watched or explicitly revealed.
  • Fixes an issue were clicking on a notification did not redirected you to the episode.
  • Fixes an issue were marking an episode as watched from a notification was not working.
  • Fixes a crash which occurred for a small group of users when entering the Preferences.

17 May, 2017

Version 1.7

  • Improves smart sort. Shows which have been watched recently will now be prioritized
  • Adds new sort option: Recently Watched
  • When viewing information about a specific episode, you can now swipe left and right for the next and previous episode
  • Fixes some issues for the Collection today widget

13 Feb, 2017

Version 1.6

  • Combines local und online search
  • Exclude archived shows from notifications
  • Adds keyboard shortcuts
  • Supports haptic feedback on iPhone 7
  • Fixes a crash when syncing your collection
  • Fixes a crash when searching for a show
  • Fixes some issues in the iMessage app
  • Fixes some layout issues on iPad

2 Feb, 2017